Volunteer Area

Thank you so much for agreeing to volunteer with us, we really appreciate your commitment. In order to ensure that we comply with current regulations we ask all of our volunteers to complete a very simple induction process that can be completed online. There are three categories of volunteer: Driver, delivery & collection volunteer and warehouse / shop volunteer. Drivers are asked to complete ALL SIX elements of the following training, delivery volunteers are asked to complete stages 1, 4, 5 & 6 and our warehouse / shop volunteers stages 5 & 6 only. Once you have completed all elements of your induction, please print and complete the declaration, scan / photograph it and email it to wendy@hiddenhelp.org who will keep it on file. If you decide that you can no longer find the time to volunteer, please let us know and we will destroy this record.

Stage 1

Please go to https://www.gov.uk/request-copy-criminal-record and complete a Basic DBS check. Once you have completed the basic check please email the sharing code along with your date of birth, certificate number and the correct spelling of your surname to wendy@hiddenhelp.org so that we may keep a record of it. If you already have a current DBS certificate (within 5 years), please email a photograph or scan of both pages with the certificate number clearly visible.

Stage 2

Please go to https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence and follow the instructions. Once you have obtained a code please share this with wendy@hiddenhelp.org who will keep this on file. Alternatively, please download the form below, complete it and give it to Judy who will ensure it is passed to our Comms manager to action.

Stage 3

Please download our driver checklist and familiarise yourself with it. You will need to conduct the checks every time you drive for us and follow the instructions. This ensures that we have a record of mileage and who has been driving for what period of time.

Stage 4

You will need to conduct manual handling training. Please email wendy@hiddenhelp.org and she will provide you with an access code to the HSE approved training that takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. You will then need to send your certificate to wendy@hiddenhelp.org.

Stage 5

Please complete the online first aid training that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete by following this link. https://www.firstaidforfree.com/free-first-aid-course/

Stage 6

Please go to the policy documents section of our website and read our health and safety policy, safeguarding policy & volunteer policy.

Stage 7

Once you have completed the relevent stages of induction, please download the form below, complete it and send it to Wendy. Thank you.