We very rarely ask for any form of financial contribution from those that we help. On the rare occasion that we do, it is only ever for a small contribution to the petrol costs and never exceeds £10. We are staffed entirely through volunteers, paying only for specific services on a very strict needs basis. We do rely, therefore, on the amazing generosity of those that are in less need, in order to help those that are in greater.

There are four main ways to partner with us: none are mutually exclusive so please do get in touch!

Volunteer: We are always looking for reliable and committed people to give up a couple of hours to help at the warehouse; there is always plenty to do! To make serving the poorest possible, we also need volunteers to help deliver items within a twenty mile radius (approximately) of Bissoe. We have the van..we just need the people. The work is not hard, but you do need to be reliable as we hate letting clients down. Do you have a few hours a week or monthly that you can give regularly? If so please email our volunteer manager Lou at

Agent for Change: We do not to respond to direct requests for help, but rather work through trusted agents in the public sector with whom we have built a strong relationships with. We have a criteria which our partners use to ensure that we are reaching those really in the most need. We are always looking for those that work amongst the most vulnerable to partner with us in this way. This includes GPs, social services, churches, other not for profit organisations. Can you help in this way?

Friend: We are in constant need of items to up-cycle, clean and distribute, ‘from tin openers to washing machines’ Judy often says. Many of our items are found through word of mouth, and we need people who will unashamedly spread the word! Several times a year we have fund-raising events that we’d love help to run. Is this something you could do? If you have anything you would like to donate then please email our donations team on and they will let you know if your generosity matches our current need.

Financial Supporter: We are blessed with some staggering financial generosity to help Hidden Help to continue its work. We would love you too to consider a on-off gift or a regular donation, to assist us in our financial planning as to what we can achieve in the years ahead. Thank you so much.

You can support us financially by following this link or scanning the PayPal QR Code below.

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