Damp in Camborne

This was one of the first homes I visited with Judy in Camborne in late 2018 (photos shared with permission). Having worked in Sheffield and thought that I had met social degradation, it wasn’t until I had spent an hour in this widow’s flat that I began to understand Judy’s vision for change. It’s hard to know where to begin; but begin we did by ringing the local MP’s office who gave us amazing assistance. Much of her furniture had to go, and the council arranged for her housing provider to re-fit her kitchen. Hidden Help dismantled the wardrobe (much comedy trying to get it out of the house I remember) and provided a replacement one, with a new bed, replacement chair and small two seater sofa. It’s all too easy to judge people as to how they end up in such conditions, and whilst I won’t tell her story for her here, needless to say we never judge as nobody actually wants to live in these conditions. It’s all about empowerment..she wasn’t empowered to help herself, but through the generosity of our donors and working with other local agencies her dignity as a human being was restored. This is why we do this..because we place a VALUE on our clients that perhaps they haven’t felt for a very long time. It’s not difficult to demonstrate love to each other.

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